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Why Choose Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions?

If you suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, or hair that just does not seem to grow past a certain length, then Hair Extensions are the perfect option for you! Long, glamorous and luscious hair are only a few clicks away with Glamor Locks Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions.

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the only non-damaging method of hair extensions available. Other methods of extensions claim to be “less damaging” or “the least damaging”, but none of them offer a no-damage guarantee like Glamour Locks. 

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System uses patented tools and application methods to provide women with safe, discrete, and comfortable hair extensions. Add length and volume without the risk of long-term damage with Glamour Locks!

How Are Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions Applied?

There are many different methods of Hand Tied Extensions out there and they all look very similar to the untrained eye. But what makes The Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Extension Method unique form other methods is what is underneath the extension hair.

All Hand Tied Weft Hair Extension follow the same basic application steps: First your stylist will create a row or a parting of your hair that runs from one side of your head to the other. Then, she will create a support structure along the row. The support structure can be created in a variety of ways depending on which Hand Tied Weft Extension method you choose. Some use thread, others use sections of your natural hair that are beaded together, and others use some variation of those two. The Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Extension Method uses a patented tool called a Tension Strap as the main component of the support structure.

A row with a completed support structure is called a “Track.” Once the track is created then your stylist will Hand Tie or Hand Sew the weft onto it.


A Hair Weft is a bundle of extension hair that is micro-sewn at the top giving it a curtain like appearance that drapes down and adds length and volume when applied to your hair.

What Makes Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Extension Better Than the Rest?

We have already mentioned it, but The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System uses a patented tool called a Tension Strap in the application process of the extensions. The Tension Strap is what makes The Glamour Locks Hair Extension Method completely non-damaging.

The Tension Strap is an extremely thin, light, and strong piece of material that holds the weight of the extension hair. The Tension Strap prevents the weight from pulling on your natural hair. This is what prevents damage. Because this is a patented tool, no other method of extensions can use it.

Other Reasons Why You Should Choose Glamour Locks:

1.  Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists: All Glamour Locks Stylists are trained in our hands on apprentice program and are not promoted to full time stylists until they have consistently proven their ability to perform high quality work. Other methods of extensions only teach through 5 week crash courses and there is no quality control, leaving you at risk for getting poorly applied hair extensions.

2. The Highest Quality Hair: The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System exclusively uses Cuticle Hair Wefts. Cuticle Hair Wefts are made from the highest quality human hair available. Cuticle Hair Wefts are silicone free, single donor, cuticle intact, minimally processed and ethically sourced. Cuticle Hair Wefts will last up to one year before they need to be replaced.

3.  The Original Hand Tied Weft Extension Method:Glamour Locks was first invented 17 years ago by our owner and creator Paula Rodriguez. We are the original hand tied weft extension method and have been providing these types of extension to our clients longer than any of our competitors.

Complimentary & No Obligation Consultations: If you are interested in learning more about The Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions and in getting a price quote, schedule your complimentary consultation at You can book an in-person consultation or a Zoom Video Consultation.

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