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Why Are Invisible Beaded Weft Hair Extensions the Best?

Did you know that Invisible Beaded Weft Hair Extensions are the most discrete, secure, and comfortable method of hair extensions available today? You could try other methods, like I-Tips or fusion bonds, but why settle for inferior hair extension? Check out WHY invisible beaded weft hair extensions are the best choice for you!

When you hear “hair extensions” most people only think about getting more hair – added length and volume. What they don’t consider is the hidden cost of inferior hair extensions. Sure, all extensions cost money to apply, but when you don’t use invisible beaded weft extensions you’re paying another price, too: you’re damaging your natural hair. The long-term damage caused by other extension methods can be much greater than the initial cost of the extensions themselves.

There are always options when you’re deciding on which hair extensions would best suit you and your lifestyle, but each come with trade-offs. You may be able to get longer hair with all types of extensions, but many may be uncomfortable, or clearly visible. Some may be discrete, but cause damage to your natural hair. This is the case with clip-in extensions, fusion extensions, and tape-ins. Sure, you may have longer or fuller hair…for awhile. Then the stress they put on your natural hair can cause breakage, or bald spots, and now you’ve got a serious problem.

What you really need is the best of all worlds, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Glamour Locks Beaded Weft Hair Extensions. The invisible extensions DO NOT use glue, heat, or chemicals during the application process. Since Glamour Locks avoids these common methods, the invisible beaded weft hair extensions used by our trained stylists can add the length and volume you want without all the damaging aspects of traditional hair extensions.

100% Secure and Non-Damaging Extensions

Glamour Locks has one goal with their Hair Extension System, and that’s to provide women with a 100% safe, natural, non-damaging hair extension option. Our application method uses patented tools, highly trained stylists, and a finely-honed method to ensure our invisible beaded weft extensions are applied without causing any damage to your natural hair.

Highest Quality Weft Hair Extensions

Extensions are only as good as the hair used to make them, and the Glamour Locks Invisible Beaded Weft Extensions only use the highest quality hair strands imported from highly reputable suppliers from Eastern Europe. The hair strands are carefully sewn together using an ultra-thin cloth strip to create each extension, giving a beautiful and flawless look that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. And, of course, they will last a long time, too!

Advanced and Safe Hair Extension Method

You want to avoid the typical methods used by other hair extensions that attach the extension directly to your natural hair. This will add significant weight and stress to your natural hair, which will cause damage over time, and in some cases can even result in balding. Glamour Locks developed a patented tool called a Tension Strap to fight this problem, because no one should have to trade their natural hair for extensions. We want to work WITH your natural hair, not replace it. The Tension Strap acts as a barrier that protects your natural hair from damage and ensures that our invisible beaded weft hair extensions are safe and comfortable to wear all day, even with an active lifestyle.

Hassle-Free and Chemical-Free Application

Since our extensions do not use glues or chemicals in our application process, a Certified Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist will first part out your natural hair into horizontal rows in a horseshoe pattern across your head. Then the Tension Strap is used to create a Glamour Track. The super-thin, strong, elastic Tension Strap is used as the attachment point along the Glamour Track via tiny, lightweight beads. This way your natural hair doesn’t have to do the hard work of holding up the extensions all day – the Tension Strap does this for you. This is also how we make your extensions invisible, blending them perfectly with your natural hair.

Remember: if you want an application method that avoids the use of glues, chemicals, or anything else that may damage your natural hair, you need to consider Glamour Locks Invisible Beaded Weft Extensions. You’ll get invisible, comfortable, and safe extensions without worrying about damaging your hair at all, thanks to our certified stylists, patented tools, and our tried-and-true application process.

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