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How to Choose theMost Secure Beaded Weft Hair Extensions?

With so many different kinds of hair extensions available, how do you choose which one is “the best?” There are a few things you should consider before you pop into a salon in Orange County for your extensions.

1.      Will they look good?

2.      Will they stay discrete and secure?

3.      Are they safe?

4.      Where do I go to get them?

Going down the list, the honest answer to first question is that most types of extensions will look fine—at first. The quality of the hair used in the extensions matters significantly, and many cheaper products utilize hair from different sources, or have hair that has been heavily treated with chemicals and dyes. Glamour Locks Beaded Weft Hair Extensions only use 100% cuticle hair, ethically sourced from the most reputable suppliers in Eastern Europe. So you know your Glamour Locks extensions will not only look amazing (up to 12 months with proper care, too!) but they are made from the highest quality human hair on the market.

Now that you know they extensions themselves are top quality and will look great, will they stay in place once they’re in? What’s the point of having hair extensions if you can’t go for a jog, or hit the gym, or worry about them falling out if you go swimming? Many of the old school application methods can get dislodged, or shift on you, and if your extensions don’t straight up fall out they’ll be easily spotted by your friends, and that’s no good. The application method developed by Paula Rodriguez, the founder of Glamour Locks, has a unique approach to beaded weft hair extensions that ensures you won’t be the one worrying about falling extensions when you’re out and about.

Ok, you look great and you’re not worried about extensions falling out. We’re off to a good start. But is it even safe to have these things in? Well, if you get the right ones, absolutely! Methods that use glue, chemicals, or heat can all damage your natural hair or hurt your scalp. Getting extensions would never be worth it if you got bald spots afterwards. Unfortunately this happens to some people when inferior application methods are used, or you get a stylist that doesn’t really know how to apply the extensions properly. Getting back to Paula, she created a special tool called the Tension Strap 17 years ago to ensure that the Glamour Locks beaded weft hair extensions could be used safely by all of her clients. For over 20 years she was stuck using only the methods available to her at the time but eventually enough was enough, and she created this tool and got it patented.

The tension strap acts as a barrier, and a support, to take the weight of your hair extensions so your natural hair and scalp don’t experience all that stress. Your stylist will hand tie the beaded weft hair extensions onto the tension strap so they’re safely applied and completely secure. And this method, only available at Glamour Locks salons, is completely safe for all hair types.

Let’s recap. You look amazing with the highest quality cuticle hair wefts available. You’re completely confident that your extensions will stay in place no matter what you’re up to, and you know your natural hair is safe from the weight and stress of your new extensions. Where do you go to get these amazing things?

If you’re looking for hair extensions in Orange County, look no further than your nearest Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salon.

When you’re at the salon and you’ve had your complimentary consultation to go over the whole process, your stylist will get to work. All of our stylists in all our salons are highly trained at applying our beaded weft hair extensions.

First they part your hair across the back of your head to create a row where your extensions will fit. Using tiny aluminum beads and the patented Tension Strap they will hand tie in little sections of your natural hair so it’s completely supported and comfortable. This way your extensions will blend seamlessly with your own hair, and we’ll prevent any damage to your scalp.

Certified Stylists with Expert Training 

It’s important that you are not only confident in the product itself, but that you trust your stylist. Glamour Locks recruits only from the top beauty schools around the country, and every single stylist goes through our apprenticeship program before ever working with clients. We know how important your hair is to you, and it’s paramount to us that you get the best service by highly trained stylists that care about you! You will never have someone learning the trade working on your hair. We will take the time to sit down and understand your wants, and explain to you the process so you understand how this works and how to properly care for your hair extensions.

With the right care, you can enjoy your beaded weft hair extensions from Glamour Locks for up to a year, knowing they are both beautiful and safe to wear all day, every day!

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