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What To Expect From A Hair Extension Salon in Orange County?

It’s no secret that we all like to look our best, and our personal style can be a huge part of our public identities. Most everyone takes a little time to make sure they’ve got on a nice outfit, all their accessories are on point, and the final thing they do before turning away from the mirror and going out the door is, you guessed it, checking out their hair. This last look back can either confirm your soaring confidence because your style is perfect, or it’ll leave you thinking “I wish I could do something different with my hair.”

If you’re one of the latter folks, don’t worry. There are some very simple—and safe—ways to completely change your look simply by adjusting your hair style.


Maybe you’ve tried coloring your hair but now you’d like to add a little length, or volume, and see what that does for you. Well, you can, and it’s actually quite easy! Just pick the right hair extension salon in Orange County and you can have long, flowing, shiny hair before you go out next weekend.

Obviously you want your extensions to look great, and the expert hair extension stylists that work at Glamour Locks will ensure that, but it’s important that you know your hair extensions will be safe and long-lasting. There are so many application methods out there and most have been around for a LONG time. So how do you choose what method is right for you?

Avoid all the clip-in or tape-in extensions, stay away from micro-links and i-tips, and say no thanks to fusion bonded extensions or anything that relies on heat or glue. Sure, they can get you longer hair, but they can seriously damage your natural hair and scalp as well. If you’re looking to get extensions at a hair extension salon in Orange County, you want the best there is.

Patented Hair Extension Application Method that Ensures Damage-Free Solutions

The problem with all the usual hair extension methods is that they often involve chemicals or heat in the application process, and they often put a lot of stress on your natural hair. Over time, and if you end up getting extensions often, this can cause some real damage, leaving you with thinner hair or even bald spots. Not exactly what you want!

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension Method is time-tested, so your extensions not only look great but they’re safe and damage free, too. Paula Rodriguez, the founder of Glamour Locks, spent her 40-year career working with clients and wanting to provide them better hair extensions. So, 17 years ago, she developed a special tool called the Tension Strap, got it patented, and created the Glamour Locks Hair Extensions used exclusively in Glamour Locks salons.

The tension strap, which is a thin piece of elastic material, holds the weight of the extensions so your scalp isn’t constantly supporting the weight of your new hair. This way your natural hair doesn’t have to work hard to hold up your extensions—just as you won’t have work hard to look absolutely amazing with your long, full hair.

There are many hair extension salons in Orange County, but you’re guaranteed to get the best products and the best service at a Glamour Locks Hair Extension salon.

Certified Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists at Your Service

Our salons are warm and welcoming, and our staff are friendly. We select only the top graduates from beauty schools around the country to work at our salons, and they undergo even more training once hired via our rigorous apprenticeship program. Glamour Locks also provides continued training throughout our stylists’ careers to make sure you, our customer, always receive the best hair extensions available.

If you want to learn more about our expert Certified Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists, visit!  

And if you’re ready to start your hair extension journey with us, schedule a complimentary consultation appointment so we can start planning your amazing transformation. Visit today, and we look forward to seeing you in one of our Orange County salons soon!

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