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Nail Care Tips – Some Do’s and Don’ts

Well-manicured and healthy nails are an absolute necessity to look smart and elegant. No matter how stylishly you dress yourself up or how beautifully you get a hairstyle, if your nails are not at their best, the entire game fails! Nails are not just about styling, it also reflects a lot about our overall health; that is why taking good care of them is of utmost importance.  Let us check out some Do’s and Don’ts of nail care below – Do’s – ·         Keep nails dry and clean! When your nails are not clean there are high chances of bacteria and fungi growth underneath them. While doing dishes or using harsh chemicals always make sure to wear gloves to protect your nails from splitting. Remember, prolonged water contact causes splits in the nails. ·         Keep your nails trimmed to keep them in good shape and healthy. It also helps the nails grow stronger. Always remember to trim your nails straight across and then slightly round at the tips. Have false nai

Begin Your Hygienic Adventure with Baylis and Harding Hand Wash UK

Recent Corona Virus outbreak has shaken the world from within. Many countries have been facing the wrath of the deadly virus which began in China. So this is the hour to take precautions, be safe and keep our loved ones safe as well. It is not only about keeping ourselves safe from the Corona Virus but in general it is necessary to keep ourselves and our atmosphere free from harmful germs. Safety begins with hygiene and when it comes to hygiene the first thing that comes into the mind is hand washing. Baylis and Harding hand wash in UK is one of the premier choices among people. You can find a broad spectrum of hand hygiene with this brand. The hand washes from Baylis and Harding not only keep your hands free from germs but also offers flair of elegance in it. These hand washes are stored in exceptionally exquisite bottles with odour counterbalancing fragrances; your hands will smell as fresh as the atmosphere created by the product in your wash room. Let us check out som

4 Things You Should Know About Fashion Stylist

• What is the difference between fashion designers and fashion stylists? Fashion designers design and make collections of clothes, from pattern making and draping to a finished article of clothing. Fashion stylists select already-made clothing and accessories and put the clothing into ‘looks” (or outfits) for photo shoots, celebrities and television. • What Is the Difference Between a Fashion Editor and a Fashion Stylist? Fashion Editors work at magazines and oversee the magazine’s writers and fashion staff. A fashion stylist will often work with or for an editor to style the clothes for a specific photo shoot. • What Is a Fashion Stylist? One can work in multiple ways as a fashion stylist. Examples are as a personal shopper; as a commercial stylist for advertisements; helping designers edit and style their collections and fashion shows; with a fashion editor working for magazines, in digital media; and for celebrities. A fashion stylist must have a keen understa

Five Success Mantras to Start Kids Online Shopping Store

Are you planning to start your kids online shopping store? Then you need to understand that today’s kids aren’t like us when we were kids. They come out of the womb with knowledge on how to use a smartphone! They are Gen-Z! So to make your business successful you need to keep five essential things in your mind. What are those? Let’s find out below: Create an Interactive Website The Gen Z kids grew up playing online games like Build-a-Bear, so it becomes essential for you to create a website that is interactive enough to keep the kids engaged. You can add a bunch of attractive photos, how-to-videos, project sheets, testimonials and likewise. You should also build an app as you know they love smartphones! Social Media Promotion of your Kids Online Shopping Store Social media platforms are the discovery channel for the Gen Z kids where they discover the different stores, products and brands. If they like what you have shared, then you will definitely get a

Buying ALIVER Men’s Beard Grooming Kit

Are your frustrated by the bushy and wiry beard? Around 89% of men think that their facial hair is the biggest frustration whereas 72% women find the men with untidy beards unattractive. This means, a perfectly groomed beard will make the man stand out from the rest. This is where ALIVER beard care collection comes in. They are considered as one of the best men’s grooming products in 2019. Their products are specifically designed to smooth men’s facial hair and leave with effortlessly soft finish.   The ALIVER Men’s Beard Grooming Kit on SPLASHBUY makes for a better purchase, especially if you really want to care your beard fully. This kit comes with followings:   Beard Brush –   Made of 100% wild boar bristle, the soft and firm brush helps in skin exfoliation and distribution of natural oils throughout your bread ensuring more volume and shine. By using this brush, you can clean your beard easily, efficiently and comfortably. Wooden Beard Comb –