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Make Your April Born Lady Feel Special – Go the Diamond Way!

Is your beloved an April-born and is an Aries? Then they must be as precious as your birthstone i.e. Diamond! Usually April born people are believed to be curious, creative, adventurous, bold, passionate and unique so as is their birthstone.  “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend.” So if you are a guy and want to make your beloved feel special on her birthday or your anniversary this April; then get her a diamond ring! Diamonds aren’t just beautiful but have unique physical characteristics that make them super special.  Healing Properties of Diamonds Diamonds symbolize purity. The pure white light of this gem helps in bringing our lives into an interconnected whole. As far as partnerships and relationships are concerned, it brings clarity, love and bonding to it. Also, it is believed that diamond signifies a higher level of commitment and fidelity that infuses trust to relationships. It is an energy amplifying stone that inspires the forces of accumulation which furthe

A Glance on the Current Watches Trends

Watches are all about swag today! Gone are those days when wearing watches was merely for checking time! Watches have transformed from being merely utilitarian to offering exceptional features that make them a must-have statement accessory.  Today watches can do things that no one would ever have thought from making calls, keeping a check on health to locating exact location and more. Also, nowadays watches are being designed to match personalities of all kinds. The trends keep changing. Let us find out some of the current trends in the world of watches that you can find in all jewelry & watches store (both online and offline). ·          Retro Retrieval Retro is the new go! Watch companies are swearing by the retro designs with some fun twists. This year the cooler side of retro is being loved by the fashionistas. Retro Design Leather Band Watch for Menhas become the style statements for most of the men especially among the businesspersons. This watch has leath