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Tips on How Best to Pose for Photos from Fashion Stylist

Whether you’re a famous movie star posing on the red carpet, or just taking a selfie for Instagram, knowing how to pose for a photo is essential! Here are tips and trick so you’ll always take the best picture (and never have to untag again!):

1.Find the best light. Good lighting can highlight our best features and minimize dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and imperfections. If you don’t have a professional light every time you take a pic (and who does, besides models?!), try to find places where there is soft light, or light bouncing from a bright wall. This has a softening effect so your skin glows.

Zoe Hennessey Style

2.Find your smile. We don’t all have megawatt movie star smiles, so as silly as it sounds, practice your smile in a mirror, remember exactly what you like about it, and practice it! Maybe you need to pucker your lips a little (not too much!), put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, or lessen the muscles around the eyes. The angle of your chin makes a big difference, too! Try tilting it up and down to see where your eyes look best. And the rotation of your head; is it best straight on or slightly angled? Take a bunch of selfies on your phone and practice, so in the moment the best lose for you comes naturally and quickly. You’ll take a great photo every time!

Zoe Hennessey Smile

3.Body: For women, we often want to appear longer and thinner. A few tips are to stand at an angle to the camera (not straight on); put more weight on one leg and bend at the knee, this create more curves. If you’re vertically challenged and not wearing a heel, try lifting your heels off the ground a little (be careful, you’ll have to balance!).

Zoe Style

4.Planned Spontaneity: the best pics are rarely posed, we tend to like pics that are caught in the moment. This can be achieved even if you don’t have a photographer following you around! Instead of everyone standing still for the camera, try a few where you’re walking in the photos, or just talking to each other. The picture will have more life.

Zoe Styles

Take a lot of pics! We don’t all take perfect pictures, so don’t be afraid to take tons! The more photos you take, the likelier you’ll find one you look great in! More details contact Zoe Hennessey or visit


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