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Good to Know Facts about Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers


Bath bombs for your shower are what we call shower steamers. When you wet the steamer, it fizzes to release essential oils and menthol into your shower, and you can experience a unique aroma-therapeutic experience. Aromatherapy activates certain areas in your nose and communicates with specific areas of your brain, affecting your emotions and giving relief from particular ailments. The essential oils present in the steamers help you to have relief from stress, lack of sleep, sinus problems and energize you.

Best way to use a shower streamer

Get your shower nice and steamy first. Place the tablet on a ledge or hang from a sachet bag out of the direct stream of water. Then splash water on the tablet to activate. Continue to splash water on the tablet throughout your shower to reach desired strength. Do not place aromatherapy shower steamers in the direct stream of water it will dissolve too quickly and may be to overwhelming.

Please note pregnant women or children under five should not use these streamers. If pregnant women desire to use such steamers, they need to consult their doctor before using them.

If there is some of the shower steamer left after your shower, feel free to use it again the next day!

Some good to know tips and tricks

It is best to have a warm hot shower so that the essential oils from the steamer can infuse with your shower steam. It is not wise to get the steamer too wet, as it will make it dissolve quickly. You need to wet the steamer with some water to make it fizz. It is best to have aromatherapy in your daily routine to have relief from various ailments and feel rejuvenated. If you think that the smell of the essential oils is too strong, you can place the steamer further away from you and stop splashing water on the tablet. You can likewise use an allergy relief shower bomb if you have problems with allergies and need relief.

Things necessary to use shower steamer

It would be best if you had a shower steamer made by reputed manufacturers in the USA who use natural ingredients. You will also require a mesh bag to hang the steamer. Breathe deep and ejoy!

The types of fragrances you can have in shower steamers

We discuss here four fragrances, and you can select the one suitable for you.

Sleep aid

If you have a problem sleeping at night, it is best to use a shower steamer that contains calming essential oils like lavender or tangerine. These essential oils will lengthen your rapid eye movement, help you have a deep sleep, and feel rejuvenated the following day.


Steamers that contain lavender essential oil will help you to relax after a strenuous day making you feel relaxed and refreshed.


Suppose you love to have a morning shower and want a shower steamer that can wake you up or engerice you. In that case, an energizing steamer will help you with the energizing essential oils of lavender, lemon, and tea tree.

Sinus relief

Sinus relief shower steamers contain essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. These oils will help to open up the sinuses and offer relief from sinus pressure. I

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