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Best Practices For Improving The Life Of Hair Extensions

Looking for hair extensions in NYC? If you take care of your hair extensions in a proper way then it can last longer. As these accessories are expensive, it is always better to invest your time in them for getting the most out of them. Hair extensions too require the same care and love as you give to your natural hair.

Before you buy hair extensions in NYC, make sure to follow certain expert tips to ensure that your extensions last longer and remain healthy. So following are some of the best practices that you can follow to improve the life of your extensions:

Minimal Washing is the Key

If you are someone who thinks washing hair every day is cool, then now is the time to stop. When you add hair extensions, then you must avoid daily hair washing, rather you should only be washing them twice in a week. Washing the hair extensions daily can make your hair dry and fizzy and with the extensions, it can result in increased hair fall and breakage.

In case you have an oily scalp, you can use dry shampoos in between hair washes but make sure it is safe to use on hair extensions. You should make sure only to use products that are specifically designed for hair extensions.

Give them a Gentle Wash

When you are washing your hair, make sure to work with a gentle hair washing technique as hair tend to break more when it is wet. A tip for gentle hair wash is to tilt your head backward and start washing from top to bottom. Use the shampoo gently between the extensions treads using your fingertips on the scalp, make sure you aren’t using fingernails. For making it even easier you can section your hair as you shampoo and then rinse it thoroughly.

Detangle the Strands Every Day

Another important tips to increasing the lifespan of your hair extensions is to detangle them with your fingers daily at the end of every day and every morning. Untangle your hair gently to make sure that the extension treads and bands are lying in the right direction. It helps in preventing extra tension at the roots and lowering hair fall and scalp sensitivity. Make sure to detangle before brushing your hair so that you do not end up pulling or tugging on your extensions.

Make Use of a Special Brush

When you add hair extensions make sure to throw away your old brush and use a special brush meant for the extensions because old brushes can be harsh on the bonds. Hence, get a new soft bristle brush or a wide toothed comb to brush your hair. Brushes and combs that have close teeth ted to increase the chances of hair getting more tangled or matted. Matting may occur near the treads of the extensions and can only be cut out.

Do Proper Moisturizing

Make sure to moisturize your extensions frequently. If you use conditioner already and deep condition your hair, continue to maintain the same routine but switch to the extensions friendly products. Never apply products near the roots and treads of the hair extensions. Deep conditioning your extensions once a week also works wonders and helps in keeping your extensions healthy and lustrous.


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