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A Few Hacks To Style And Maintain Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are no doubt a revolutionary introduction to the fashion and beauty industry. It not only offers the most beautiful and lush hairstyle but also is the ultimate confidence booster. What could beat the seamlessly blending long, thick human hair extensions offering the most natural look? You can find several hair salons offering human hair extensions in NYC however only a few offer genuine and professional services like Custom Hair By Catherine.

Human hair extensions blend in the best way to offer that ultimate natural hair look.  But do you know, you can make the best use of these hair extensions with a few hair extension hacks and get stylish and trendy looks! Yes you heard that right. You can upgrade your hair extensions skills and get the most from your human hair extensions in NYC creating fresh styles and hiding the unnecessary bits.

Are you ready to learn some of the hair extension hacks and get your desired look? Then let us explore some of the best yet easy hair extension hacks that will help you create a look that suits you the best.

For Ponytailers

If you love to make ponytails and want to wear your hair extensions in a ponytail then make sure to clip your extensions in upside down direction. Initially you may find it a bit weird but this small trick will create seamless ponytail look. With this trick you can brush your extensions upwards creating a sleek and smooth finish without any sneaky bumps.

For Braiding Queens

Feel braids give you your best look? Want to make those perfect braids with your human hair extensions in NYC? Then the simple hack that you can follow is braid the bottom section of your hair as it will help in hiding the blunt ends offering seamless braid look. Often short and blunt layers can be visible beneath your hair extensions especially when you have thick hair. For hiding these shorter hairs the best hack is to braid them and pin them up out of the way.

For Easy Styling

If you want to style your human hair extensions easily without any hassle, then clip them onto a hanger and then style it. When you use a hanger it makes hair extension styling easier and smoother. One trick that you should always keep in your mind here is make sure that you style your hair extensions one day before you want to wear them as it will get ample time to set the style and make it last longer.

For Extra Grip

Before clipping in your hair extensions, make sure to backcomb your roots well. Backcombing before clipping in the extensions also offer certain hair types as it creates extra grip, reducing the slippage of extensions.

For Protecting Extensions

For protecting hair extensions you must store your hair extensions in a storage bag as it will keep them safe from dirt and dust keeping them ready to wear whenever required and increase the lifespan of your human hair extensions.


Custom Hair By Catherine provides the best quality human hair extensions in NYC that offer the most natural and seamless hair look boosting your confidence and style. For more information visit  or call at  917-482-6493.

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