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How Do You Increase Your Lifespan of Human Hair Extensions?

Need to add more volume and length to your natural hair? If yes, then why don’t you consider human hair extensions in NYC! You’ll have to invest the money, the effort and the time for finding the perfect hair extensions. You want those extensions to last longer.

Your human hair extensions need effort to last longer. Consider little hacks to make these extensions to last longer. Take a few hacks that will help you in the long run:

Make these extensions comfortable.

Your human hair extensions are going to perform the best of their abilities when they are applied on your hair. Don’t they the right place to rest? You should buy a hair extensions carrier. Keep your extensions in a carrier which will make your extensions look beautiful and last longer. It will make your travel with your human hair extensions more conveniently.

Brushing makes a significant difference.

More often women forget the major step between un clipping their hair extensions and storing them in the carrier. That’s brushing them. Don’t you comb your hair before you go to bed? Yes, obviously. Human hair extensions need a nice brushing before they  stored after use.

Follow this hair extensions care ritual before and after every use. It will prevent them knotting, breaking, and matts at the bay. The hair brush you use for brushing is important like the brushing. You should either use a soft nylon bristle brush or a wide tooth comb which will slide through the human hair extensions like a piece of cake.

Hydrate your hair extensions.

Do you love partying? This means, you must have used lots of products on your hair and hair extensions. Like you need to hydrate yourself in the next morning and your human hair extensions need a wash to protect themselves from the hair products sued.

You should never wash them often; otherwise it can cause lots of damage. Your hair secrets oils for keeping it moist and alive. But your hair extensions remain dry. So, you can use hair on your extensions before every wash.

However, you should follow a schedule and a process based on how often you use your hair extensions and how much products you put in them.

Check the products.

If you use different products and styling accessories, they can damage your hair. Imagine doing this to your human hair extensions and the results of using multiple hair products are worse than they are on your hair.

If you’re a person who uses human hair extensions daily, make sure that you don’t use too much products on them. You might be wondering you’ve wavy hair and you need to straighten your hair after every wash. You need hair extensions to combine into your hair after straightening them.

For this purpose, you should follow a few tips discussed below:

Do you straighten or curl your hair all the time? If yes, then choose human hair extensions best suiting your hair texture. For example, if you have wavy hair and will need to straighten your hair after every hair wash, you should buy straight human hair extensions. This way, you can combine them easily and you don’t need to use too much products on your hair extensions. You can use this tip for colored hair extensions, pony tail extensions, etc.

Sounds like too much work? But your hair extensions are worth it, especially when you want to increase the lifespan of your hair extensions. When you need help with human hair extensions in NYC, you should look no further than Custom Hair By Catherine. For more information, please contact us today at 917-482-6493. You can also email us at .


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