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What Hair Care Routine to Follow for Hair Thinning?

Like every woman, you must be concerned about thinning your hair. It’s something every woman deals with at any point of their life. Some face hair thinning issue during pregnancy period and others in different stages of life. No matter what, hair thinning is very common and pretty normal. But it can be prevented by following a specific hair care routine. Take a look at some useful tips on preventing thinning hair.

Eat for your hair.

It’s all about eating right fruits and foods which feed your hair. They are vitamins, biotin, silica, collagen, omega-6, and omega-3. These healthy fats are significant for your hair health. You can get them from your every day diet.

So, when you eat, you should remember your hair. Always consider intake of food like eggs, avocado, and vitamin C rich fruits, raw nuts and pumps. They are really great for making your hair healthy. Keep in mind that healthy hair doesn’t thin out easily.

Be gentle on your hair.

You must love having a ponytail or bun. Both styles look sleek and elegant. But they can cause damage to your hairline and promote thinning hair. When you pull your hair tight, it will put pressure on your hair root and result in weakening your home.

While brushing your hair, the strands will be more susceptible to breaking and pulling which causes thinning. But, you can get a sleek look by using good quality products for holding hair. You should visit a hair extensions salon near you in NYC and they will hook you up.

Work with an experienced hair extensions stylist.

When you apply extensions to your hair, you should do it properly. Otherwise it can lead to thinning especially if your hair is weak already. A professional hair extension stylist knows the best method for each type of hair. Custom Hair By Catherine has skillful and well-trained hair extension stylist with years of experience. They know how to apply extensions properly without damaging your natural hair further.

Use top quality hair care products.

Generally, you should use hair care products like shampoos and conditioners that are considered safe to use. They don’t contain any harmful ingredients and must provide outstanding results. Some of the harmful ingredients can cause dryness to the hair and scalp. You should check out the harmful chemicals in your hair care products as some of them can increase thinning in hair.

Pamper your hair.

Your hair feels like a crown and you should consider treating it right. Pamper your hair by massaging it by using essential oil. Wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp clean. Avoid using harsh chemical used shampoos which will strip away your natural hair oil. Try to keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Trim your hair to prevent split ends from spreading.

Bottom Line –

It’s highly recommended to schedule an appointment with Custom Hair By Catherine, if you really need help with human hair extensions in NYC. She understands the strength and weakness of your hair. You should take vital food supplements when required. Folic acid works really well for your hair and rich multivitamins like Vitamin B, C, K and E are immensely beneficial to your hair. For more information, please contact us as soon as possible at 917-482-6493. Feel free to mail us at .

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