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5 Tips for Aftercare of Tape In Hair Extensions

Are you looking to play around with different lengths or pump up the volume of your hair?Then, you should give it a go to tape in hair extensions.So whether you’re looking for long, flowing locks or thicker, fuller hair, you should look no further than the tape in hair extensions.

You should visit a hair extensions salon in NYC to get the process done.Then, look at the info below to keep your tape in hair extensions beautiful and in the best condition.

1.Say goodbye to silicone-based hair products.

Many shampoos and conditioners contain silicone.It’s not good for your hair. Silicones make a thin waterproof coating to cover your hair, making your hair feel slippery. However, silicone-based hair products are difficult to wash out thoroughly.They can make your hair much more challenging to bond to extensions and leave you with heavy and greasy hair.

 2.Avoid using oil-based products near your hair roots.

When hair oils and leave-in conditioners get close to your hair roots, they break down the tape holding the extensions.That’s why it’s crucial to keep oil-based products at the ear level or lower. You’llavoid having the tape in’s slide out by doing so.While removing, it’s best to use an acetone-based solvent as it works well in breaking down the tape.

3.Never wash your hair until at least 24-48 hours after the application appointment.

The tape used for holding your hair extensions needs time to set in completely.In addition, the tape takes time to seal as long as possible.So, it’s highly suggested that you should say no to washing your hair until 48 hours after the hair extensions application appointment.

4.Wash your hair as needed so your scalp doesn’t get oily, as this can make the tape loosen.

If you work out heavily and perspire, you will need to wash your hair more often. Again, balance is the key to not overwashing your hair while keeping your scalp clean and oil-free. For more information email at or you can call at 917-482-6493.

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