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Rules Of Thumb To Keep Hair Extensions Beautiful And Long

Hair extensions have become an inevitable part of the fashion industry as it offers instant volume, length, and style to your look.However, if you are looking for these excellent results, you must start searching for them at your nearby hair extensions salons in NYC.

Whether you want to add length, volume, or a pop of bold color, hair extensions salons in NYC can provide it all to you.But one question that often people ask and get confused about is – do hair extensions cause damage to your natural hair?

Besides that, there are numerous questions that are related to the long and short-term use of hair extensions.Hair extensions will not damage your hair if added by your hairstylist while following specific protocols.Let us look at the various rules of thumb that will keep your extensions long and beautiful while protecting your natural hair from long-term damage.

Find Out a Qualified and Professional Hair Stylist

You should look for a professional and qualified hairstylist who is trustworthy because the application of hair extensions is a complicated and in-depth process.Installation of hair extensions requires experience and training to know which method and type of hair suit each individual situation.Hence, it also requires attention to detail to achieve the best result.

Usually, in hair extensions salons in NYC, you will find professionals who make hair extension applications a hassle-free affair with their knowledge and experience.Also, make sure to get the help of professionals to remove your hair extensions!

Quality Matters!

While planning to invest in hair extensions, make sure to consult with your hairstylist to figure out which type of hair extensions will suit you the best.Many hair extensions salons in NYC offer free consultations if you are interested in hair extensions.During the consultation, the stylists will assess your hair, its health, length, volume, and all other aspects.So make sure to have a detailed consultation before making the investment.

How to take proper care of hair extensions?

After putting in your hair extensions, it becomes your duty to take proper care of them by following a maintenance care routine.The last thing you would want is slippage, tangling, or matting of your extensions which are challenging to repair.

So take a look at some hair extension care tips to keep them in fabulous condition.

Proper Washing

The first and foremost rule of thumb is to keep your scalp and hair clean.Make sure not to put conditioner directly on the attachment points.Also, do not forget to ask your hair extensions salon in NYC for the best products for your extensions.Often hair stylists recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo which is also highly moisturizing.


Combing or Brushing your extensions three to four times a day helps keep tangling at bay. Start from the ends and work up to the scalp area.

Beware of Salt and Chlorinated Water

Salt and chlorinated water can cause damage to your hair extensions as well as to your natural hair.In addition, it can affect the length of time your extensions last.If you took a dip, make sure towash and condition them immediately afterward. Coating the hair with a conditioner before swimming will act as a barrier. Always ponytail and braid the hair tightly before going in the water.


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