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5 Good Reasons to Shop for Human Hair Extensions in NYC

Are you thinking of wearing hair extensions for the first time?Then, why don’t you shop for human hair extensions in NYC!There are so many ways human hair extensions can do wonders for your look and your natural hair.Whether you choose a casual look for day or want something special for an occasion, considering human hair extensions will enable you to achieve your hair goals.

1.Add thickness

There are hair extensions of different methods and textures to choose from.Some people need coarse hair strands, whereas others need finer hair to match their natural hair. When it comes to adding volume to your natural hair, you need to consider these specific things.Adding hair extensions will help you transform your flat and lifeless hair into gorgeous full-bodied hair.

2.Add length

Are you growing your hair? Or do you want a change from your hair cut?Whatever the case, hair extensions will help you avoid the awkwardness of growing out shorter hair and allow you to experiment with your hairstyle.

Whether you want to make your day look into a fun evening style or want an instant makeover, you need to shop for the best human hair extensions in NYC.You can add extensions from 3 to 24 inches to your hair and get a natural yet gorgeous look.

3.Good Investment

Human hair extensions are a good investment as they can last six months to a few years depending on which method, especially if you take care of them properly.In addition, they are very versatile, so you can try out new styles and save more on unnecessary styling products.


Do you want to look presentable?But don’t get enough time to prep?Hair extensions will help you transform your unmanageable hair into work-ready instantly.

5.Less Maintenance

Hair extensions are easy to maintain once you know how.This makes it significantly easier to keep your hair extensions healthy.It’s not just the maintenance of your hair extensions that are improved but also your natural hair.

Bottom line –

Do you want to wear human hair extensions?Then, shop for human hair extensions in NYC from Custom Hair By Catherine! Contact us,and we’ll address your concerns immediately. For more information email at or call at 917-482-6493.

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