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5 Helpful Tips To Get A Comfortable Sleep With Hair Extensions

Are you getting hair extensions in NYC?Are you unsure of how to sleep with hair extensions?Like everyone, you must crave a peaceful and comfortable good night’s sleep.However, sleeping with hair extensions can and should be relaxed.

Just because you’re wearing hair extensions  during your sleep does not mean that you have to compromise your sleep quality.Please check out this post and follow the tips to ensure that nothing interferes with your good night’s sleep.

1.Keep your hair dry before going to bed

Wet hair is highly susceptible to damage.Sleeping with damp hair will badly affect your hair quality.It will tangle the strands and can even pull them out with your natural hair.


Hence, you should blow-dry your hair.But keep the blow-dryer at least 6 inches away from your head and keep the temperature setting as low as possible.

2.Use a good-quality hairbrush.

Ordinary brushes can pull out the hair extension attachments or tangle your hair where the hair extensions are applied.So, you should buy a special hairbrush for hair extensions that will comb the strands between your hair and extensions gently and smoothly.A large tooth comb is better for hand-tied but not tape in extensions.

3.Get silk pillowcases.

The right way to sleep with your hair extensions is to make a loose ponytail and keep it secure with a silk scrunchie.In addition, you should get a silk pillowcase to rest your head-on.


4.Wear a silk night sleeping cap before going to bed.

Silk night sleeping caps are a suitable option for pillowcases.They will help you lower the chance of tangling and damaging your hair to a greater extent.

5.Apply a good quality hair conditioner.

If you want to keep your hair extensions protected during sleeping, you can apply a good quality hair conditioner.Start using it from the middle and ends of your hair extensions.Consider combing it out evenly, so it doesn’t get on the tapes.Then, make a braid before going to bed and wash your hair as usual in the morning to enjoy beautiful-looking hair.

What to do if hair extensions hurt during sleeping?

Have you followed all the above-discussed tips?But sleeping with hair extensions hurts?What will you do in this situation?The most apparent reason behind it is the improper application of hair extensions.If you have difficulty sleeping with hair extensions, here are the signs that something went wrong:

  • Bonds or tapes were pulling out at your natural hair, which means they weren’t attached neatly or too close to the scalp.
  • Sometimes, your hair gets itching and a rash on the scalp.It may be because the attachment is too large. If you have dermatitis or psoriasis, it can be irritated by the extensions.

With a professional hair extensions salon in NYC – Custom Hair By Catherine, you will get the ultimate level of professionalism, years of experience, and 100% human hair extensions. That’s all you need to know about keeping your hair extensions protected while sleeping.You should follow a daily hair routine, and your hair extensions will look perfect for sure. Contact us today and let us schedule a consultation for hair extensions in NYC. For more information email at or call at 917-482-6493.

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