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5 Tips to Learn about Hair Extensions Care

Whether you are new to hair extensions or have been wearing them often, it’s best to take proper care of them like your natural hair.You need to prepare a good hair care routine and follow good habits to make your hair extensions last longer.

You should regularly take proper care and attention to ensure that your extensions last longer and look healthy.Whether attaching tape-in or sew-in hair extensions on your hair, follow a hair care routine and achieve excellent results.Take a look at this post and know the proper habits to ensure a long life of hair extensions.

1.Never overuse heating tools.

Most women often forget that hair extensions are not attached to your scalp and don’t get essential nutrients and natural oils like your natural hair.So, it is necessary not to overuse heating tools for styling your hair extensions.Instead, always use a good heat protectant spray when styling.These tools can damage the texture and look of the hair extensions and will wear out much faster.

2.Gentle on your hair extensions.

Start combing the extensions from the ends and then go to the top.Always use a wet brush or wide-toothed comb to help detangling and easy combing your extensions.Going from the bottom to the root will prevent unnecessary hair breakage.

3.Wash and Moisturize.

Wash the hair extensions gently with a quality moisturizing shampoo. Wring all the water out of the hair before conditioning so that the conditioner can absorb into the hair. Also, avoid using too many hair products as they can make the extensions gunky and dry.

4.Love and care for your extensions tenderly.

You might have paid a fortune for hair extensions, and you need to treat them well.So, you have to shower love and care to your hair extensions, likewise your normal hair on your scalp.Hair maintenance can be different, but the TLC needs to be the same.If you can’t commit yourself to the hair care routine for your hair extensions, you should avoid investing in them.

Bottom line –

All of the above tricks will help you take proper care of your hair extensions in the long run and like a hair extensions stylist.When researching hair extensions in New York, you should look no further than Custom Hair By Catherine.We are experts in providing custom-made hair extensions from high-quality natural cuticles and 100% human hair.Please schedule a complimentary appointment today and let us help you get the top-quality hair extensions you deserve. For more information email at or call at 917-482-6493.

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