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5 Tips to Pick the Right Hair Extensions for You in NYC

Most women have preoccupied themselves now and then with keeping their hair clean and perfectly groomed. Even women don’t look the way they want their hair too. All these moments, they want to have voluminous hair. You must admit that these long hair locks look truly tempting.

If you are one of them, you must shop for the best hair extensions near you in NYC. Most celebrities look up to the extensions to show off their irresistible hair on the red carpet. Fortunately, you can get this look. All you have to do is to get the right hair extensions near you in NYC to apply them and use superior quality hair care products and brushes to maintain them.

Are you ready to add a few more inches to your natural hair and showcase your confidence with elegance wherever you go? Then, look at the post and know how to choose the right hair extensions.

  1. Choose 100% human hair.

Firstly, you know the type of hair extensions you are buying. There are so many hair extensions available to choose from. It might be overwhelming to find the right hair extensions for you. The answer couldn’t be simple. 100% human hair is always the right choice.

However, human hair extensions last much longer than their counterparts. They look like your natural hair and require the same hair care treatment. Human hair is the healthiest and of the highest hair quality out there on the market. Although it means they are more expensive than the rest, they are simply worth the investment.

  1. Choose the right color.

When shopping for hair extensions near you in NYC, you must focus on the color. Then, you can compare the color of the extensions to your natural ones and find a match. You can do it during the day as you will know all the shades which will make the right choice.

  1. Choose the right texture.

When choosing hair extensions, you must ensure they blend perfectly with your natural hair. It includes matching the hair texture as well. Every natural hair extension works well for different hair textures.

Applying hair extensions that don’t go well with your hair texture may look messy despite all the effort. Hence, you must touch your hair and check it closely before shopping.

  1. Choose the right length.

Not every length suits every hair. While considering your hair extensions, you need to sort your priorities. Your comfort should be the main priority.

If you want short hair, you don’t need to buy long extensions and vice versa. It’s better to have a clear overview of what you want your hair to look like and stick to it while buying.

  1. Choose extensions as per the occasion.

Apart from these factors, you must consider where and when you want to wear the hair extensions. Though you must wear them for quite some time, you must keep all the occasions in your mind.

Final Consideration –

In a nutshell, hair extensions make a beautiful addition to your hair. They help increase hair density and appearance while giving you a dream look. But beforehand, you need to look for a hair extensions stylist in NYC.

At Custom Hair By Catherine, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of hair extensions near you in NYC, including tape-in, hand-tied, HairWire Halo, and ponytail hair extensions. Feel free to contact us at 917-482-6493 and schedule a complimentary appointment.

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