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How Do You Wear Hair Extensions When Sleeping?

Wearing your hair extensions right at night plays a significant role in taking care of your hair extensions. After all, we all have little control over our sleep patterns and do not even know how much we move throughout the night. Hence, keeping your hair extensions secure and well-protected at night is better.

How do you wear short hair extensions at night?

Do you have shorter hair extensions? If yes, making a braid is not always possible. Unfortunately, this is the case when hair extensions add thickness without much length. However, you can secure your hair in a small ponytail or use a flat clip. It will keep your hair out of the way while sleeping.

Always sleep with dry hair extensions.

One of the most important rules is that every hair extension wearer should never sleep with wet hair extensions. When your hair is damp, it will promote tangles and can cause matting. Hence, you need to tie your hair back before sleep and ensure that your hair extensions are completely dry.

It may be tempting to leave your hair damp from time to time. But remember that your hair extensions require more TLC than your natural hair, so leaving your hair dry will eliminate problems that are not impossible to fix. But they may cost you time and money.

Use a satin pillowcase for sleeping.

Apart from securing your hair extensions and ensuring they are dry, you can buy a satin pillowcase. This material will help you prevent matting because of its smooth surface. In addition, the smoothness of the pillowcase promotes less friction.

 Bottom line –

Follow these tips when you’re getting ready for bed. Hence, it will be easy for you to manage your hair extensions the next morning. The extensions will stay healthy throughout the time you wear them. You need to make a little effort which will go a long way with hair extensions. These tips are worth considering if you want to ensure your hair extensions look and feel beautiful at all times.

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