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5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Naturally

Do you find your hair is at an awkward length? Do you think about whether to wait it out or get another haircut? Hence, you want to grow your natural hair. However, starting your hair growth journey can be daunting. Whatever reason you want to grow your hair, please read the below-discussed tips to make sure it’s done the best way possible.

  1. Say goodbye to dead ends.

You might be thinking it’s counteractive, but the secret to growing out your hair naturally is to get trims regularly. The trick is to trim less than your hair is growing. First, you must say goodbye to the dead ends so your hair will remain healthy and grow. If you’ve many split ends, they will start travelling up, causing hair breakage. But when you cut off the dead ends, you will have fuller-looking hair.

  1. Use a silk pillowcase.

Making a good sleeping habit will do wonders for your hair. It’s wise to use a silk pillowcase to sleep on at night. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will do good for your face and work amazingly for your hair. The silk pillowcase will cause less friction and fewer tangles, ensuring you don’t need to brush out knots the following day.

  1. Use hair treatments.

For hair growth, you should make hair treatments your friend. Generally, hair treatments provide excellent results. But, if you’ve never tried one, you are seriously missing out on a perfect opportunity to achieve healthy hair. Hair treatments help in repairing and conditioning your hair while doing nothing virtually. So, buy a good quality hair treatment for your hair and use it regularly.

  1. Washing your hair is an essential ritual for hair growth. First, choose a shampoo that is sulfate free and formulated for your type of hair. An excellent moisturizing conditioner is also a must. Next, you need to finish washing your hair by rinsing it with tepid water. Tepid water will help keep the external layer of your hair smooth and protect it against any heat damage. In addition, when you rinse your hair with tepid water, the cuticle will be closed, and your hair will become stronger.

  2. Apply hair extensions.

Hair extensions add incredible volume and length to your hair instantly while growing your own hair. In addition, they can keep your hair protected from getting damaged if applied by using the right approach. If you want to shop for the right hair extensions for your hair, please visit a reliable extensions salon in NYC, i.e., Custom Hair By Catherine.

As a leading hair extensions salon based in NYC, Custom Hair By Catherine uses superb quality hair extension methods, ensuring zero or minimal damage to clients’ natural hair. We focus more on the quality of hair extensions and our client’s hair integrity.

That’s why we provide custom-made hair extensions from 100% human hair that perfectly match your natural hair. Please contact our extensions salon in NYC for more help with hair extensions. Rest assured that we’ll serve your best interests.

Contact us at 917-482-6493 and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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