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5 Hair Extension Myths You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Next Set


If you're new to hair extensions or have been on the fence about buying new ones, this article is for you. We'll explain the main myths surrounding hair extensions in New York so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your next set.

Hair Extensions New York

Myth 1: They Pull Out Your Real Hair:

When it comes to clip-ins, many people have misconceptions. The myth is that extensions can damage or pull out your natural hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Extensions are applied carefully and strategically by professional stylists so that you stay comfortable, while also getting a healthy, shiny mane with no damage.

Myth 2: Hair Extensions Are Tough to Maintain:

No, you don't have to visit your hairstylist every day for proper styling and extension care. When you get extensions put in, your stylist will recommend a brushing and cleaning routine to make sure your hair remains in top shape. Professional assistance will be needed every once in a while, to check on the extensions and tweak your routine (if necessary).

Hair Extensions New York

Myth 3: They Will Never Blend in:

Worried about the natural & aesthetic appearance of your extensions? Don’t be! You can get the perfect blend by selecting the right set of extensions for your hair type and color. When these extensions are applied by a professional stylist, nobody can recognize that you’ve something artificial on your head. 

Myth 4: Extensions will get tangled more easily than your real hair:

It’s recommended that you should take care of your extensions in the way you take care of your real locks. They are not more vulnerable to tangling or damage. The quality of the extensions decides to which extent it can tangle. This is why it makes sense to invest in good-quality hair extensions in NYC that will pay off in the long run. 

Myth 5: You need to use heat to style your extensions.

Heat styling can damage your extensions so they break off over time or fall out. Instead, you should use a comb to brush through your extensions when you wash them or when they get tangled. This will help keep them looking great!

Hair Extensions New York

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